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22nd March 2020


Welcome Kids!
This is the start of virtual church.
Start by watching this video it really helps us understand that church is not simply a building but in fact a body of Jesus followers sharing where ever they are.
Today we will be looking at some of the earliest believers sharing Jesus wherever they were.
Parents this is our first virtual church and we are prepared to adapt and mould over the coming weeks, so please share your input.

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Men and Women in Christ 

Men & Women in Ministry. Romans 16: 1-27


Overview:    (for mums and dads)

Concluding our series on how God ‘s original purpose was to use men and woman together in Kingdom ministry. Paul met Priscilla and Aquilla  in Corinth during the last stage of his 2nd missionary journey. Aquilla and his wife Priscilla who were tentmakers, had  been among the Jews recently expelled from Rome by Claudius and travelled to Corinth . During Paul’s younger years he too had learned the profitable trade of tent making and he formed a natural friendship with Aquilla and Priscilla when he arrived in Corinth. Whenever they were not making tents they were teaching people about Jesus.  From Corinth, the three of them travelled to the city of Ephesus where Paul left them to travel on to Antioch. It was whilst Priscilla and Aquilla were in Ephesus that they met Apollos who had recently arrived from Alexandria in Eygpt.  Apollos was a great  speaker  who preached  the baptism  that John the Baptist preached  but once Jesus was revealed as the Messiah, baptism  took on a fuller meaning including forgiveness of sin through Jesus. Priscilla and Aquilla knew this and shared this with Apollos who then went on to Corinth to continue  preaching.











Lesson:  Priscilla and Aquilla

Make a tent out of sheets and blankets and let your child/children sit inside their tent while you tell them todays lesson (see template below 'WORKS')

Husband and wife, Aquilla and Priscilla were tentmakers and travelled to Corinth after they had been expelled from Rome by the Emperor Claudius  because they were Jews. When they arrived in Corinth they started making their tents as there was a large need for them . Paul who was coming to the end of his 2nd missionary journey arrived in Corinth and there he met up with Priscilla and Aquilla as he too had been trained to make tents when he was younger.  In Bible times many people lived in tents. They could carry their tent houses with them wherever they travelled.   During the week all three would work together, share their food and talk about God. On the Sabbath, they would go to the synagogue in Corinth and share the good news of Jesus with the people there.  This was an important time for the early church because lots of people were still worshipping idols and Paul wanted everyone to know that Jesus was God’s son.

Then Paul decided that he needed to go to Ephesus and his two friends decided they would join him! They all sailed first to a city called Cenchrea and then onto Ephesus.  Priscilla and Aquilla set up their tent making again and after a while Paul wanted to continue travelling….his desire was to  tell as many people as possible about Jesus. 

Soon after Paul left, Priscilla and Aquilla met another traveller, Apollos . Apollos had come from Alexandria in Eygpt and he too was so excited about spreading the good news about Jesus.  Priscilla and Aquilla were able to share all that they had learned from Paul  with Apollos in a respectful  and helpful manner and became an even better preacher than before!  Because Priscilla and Aquilla taught as they worked and encouraged the new Christians, many many people from all over that region heard  about Jesus and what He had done for them when He died on the cross. 

Take Away Reflection:

In the book of Romans, Paul says he is thankful to his friends Priscilla and Aquilla who helped spread the good news about Jesus while they worked as tentmakers. Romans 16 vs 3 . 

This true story from the bible reminds us that God’s plan is for us all to share the good news about Jesus …. Who will you share Jesus with this coming week? 

PLEASE Click the PDF icon to open and download the craft ACTIVITY SHEET ON TODAYS TEACHING to print and COMPLETE AT home.

PLEASE Click the PDF icon to open and download the tent template you can upscale to make your own tent. maybe try using a cardboard box.

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