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29TH March 2020





Start by watching todays Bible
Reading & discuss it together.
What stood out in the story to you?
What was Jesus trying to teach
through telling this story?

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EASTER - The Parable of the Ten Talents

Matthew 25:14-30


Overview:    (for mums and dads)

Jesus was on His way to Jerusalem and He was aware that everyone was thinking the Kingdom of God was at hand. Their expectations were of a mighty King coming to rescue them from the Romans. Jesus takes the opportunity to tell them a parable (an earthly story with a heavenly meaning) about the Kingdom of Heaven. He is pointing to a time of delay in it coming and how we should be using this time wisely and responsibly by using the talents that we have been given to bless others and to grow God’s  kingdom  here on earth while we wait. It is important to stress that everyone has a talent and some have more than others but they are of no more importance. It is HOW we use our talent to honour God that is of importance.



As the story is being told ask the children to be drawing the story at a given point in little boxes on the attached document (see below- works)

Everyone has a talent! A talent could be helping , encouraging, giving time, supporting others in need as well as so many more.  In todays lesson Jesus tells us a parable about 3 servants and their master.  The parable starts with the Master going away to a distant country but he needs to make sure that his servants look after things whilst he is away so he calls them together.   (DRAW THE MASTER IN THE FIRST BOX & THE 3 SERVANTS IN THE NEXT THREE BOXES)   He gives the first servant 5 talents which in those days was a very large sum of money. It would take a servant 20 years to earn just 1 talent of money! To the second servant he gives 2 talents and the third servant 1 talent.

It seems a bit odd that he gave them all different amounts  but the Bible  tells us that he gave them the different amounts  according to their abilities. Does this mean that the first servant was better than the other two? Certainly not.  The master knew their capabilities and trusted that each one would use them to the best of their abilities. ( IN THE NEXT BOX, DRAW THE MASTER GOING ON HIS JOURNEY)

After a long time the master returned (NEXT BOX MASTER RETURNING ) and he called the servant to him. The first  servant presented him with 10 bags of talents!! He had doubled what his master had given him (DRAW SERVANT WITH A SMILEY FACE WITH 10 BAGS IN NEXT BOX)  “Well done good and faithful  servant . Come and share your masters happiness”

Then the second servant said “ Master you entrusted me with 2 talents and see I have gained two more!”  “Well done good and faithful servant. Come and share your masters  happiness”. (DRAW SERVANT WITH SMILEY FACE IN NEXT BOX WITH 4 BAGS)

Then the 3rd servant said to his master “I knew that you are a hard man and I was afraid so I hid your talent that you gave me in the ground”. His master looked at him with an angry face and said” You wicked and lazy servant.  (DRAW 3rd SERVANT WITH A FROWNY FACE AND NO BAG!) You could have easily put the money in the bank and gained some interest, even a little would have been better than nothing!”

The servant was thrown out and the small amount he was supposed to be responsible for was given to the servant with 10 talents.  

What does this parable mean for our lives?  The master in the parable represents God and we are the servants. The bags of talents are the gifts that God has given us, things like a beautiful voice or the ability to write lovely songs, being a good teacher, encouraging each other, showing kindness to one another. Think to yourself…what are some of the things that I can do really well? God is the one who has given you these things to use to bless others and by doing that we are being obedient to God’s commandments by loving one another. When we use our talents we get better and better at them and we get even more talents just like in the parable. When we love God, we will use the abilities He has given us to serve Him while we wait for  Jesus to come back again. I know for me personally, I cannot do anything in my strength, but I can do all things that God has given me the ability to do and the joy to do them for His glory. In 1Timothy 4:12 it says…..”Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say and in the way you live”.   You too, can do all things that God has given you the ability to do no matter how old you are !  And remember talents are USELESS if we don’t use them!

let's pray:

Thank you Father for all the talents that you give us. Please help us to use them wisely so that we can show your love to more and more people. Amen Thank you.

Click the pdf to open and download the storyboard activity sheet

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