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5TH April 2020




Watch the clip and spend some time 
discussing what stands out in the story.
Why did Jesus ride in on a donkey?
Why did the people shout Hosanna?
Why was Jesus travelling to Jerusalem?

Select your favourite songs from the playlist.

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So when you are ready


Get on your feet

Dancing shoes on

Deep breath

and  let's get ready to


EASTER - Jesus' promised return

Luke 19:11-27


Overview:    (for mums and dads)

The Palm Sunday message is a bittersweet one. It focuses on the Triumphal Entry and the fulfilment of the prophecy in Zechariah 9:9.  

Everyone loves a parade.  This story is exciting to children when they think about crowds of people cheering and waving leaves and branches, for the waiting was over- the promised  King was finally coming into Jerusalem. The city was a very busy place at that time of the year as many people had gathered there to celebrate the Passover. There was great excitement when they saw Jesus approaching the city on a donkey. Many would have heard of the miracles He had performed and some recalled the prophecy in Zechariah. To fulfil the prophecy Jesus would enter the city on a donkey.…… The young donkey that Jesus told the two disciples to get had never been ridden. Unused animals were regarded as especially suitable for religious purposes. (e.g.  the cattle that pulled the Ark of the Covenant (1 Samuel 6:7)) .Spreading the cloaks on the ground was also something done for kings  The start of what is often referred to as “Holy Week”.  took place on Sunday. The excitement was immense at the start of the week but His popularity would be short lived.  By the following Sunday Jesus will have been crucified, buried and risen.















Let's Pray

Our Teaspoon Prayer (TSP)  T- Thank you   S- Sorry    P-Praise


Dear God

Thank you for sending your Son Jesus and paving the way for our lives to be set free through His death on the cross. Thank you that through Jesus our sins have been forgiven and that He makes all things new.

We are so sorry that we have let you down in so many ways. Please help us to stay strong and true to you by making time to spend with you, by trusting and obeying you.

Lord Jesus we give you our praises too, like those children did on that special Sunday so long ago. We praise you for your loving kindness that lasts forever. “Hosanna Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!”


have some fun with this fun fact sheet

Why not try some palm sunday sand art?

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