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We believe in - CHRIST

Creation: The one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who created and sustains everything.

Humans: We were made in the image of God but rebelled and became separated from him.

Rescue: Faith in Jesus Christ restores that relationship, through his death and resurrection.

Indwelling Spirit: The Holy Spirit is our internal guide, who helps us follow God’s ways.

Scripture: The Bible is divinely inspired and the primary way in which we know God.

Triumphant return: Jesus will return as judge and establish a new heaven and new earth.

(*Note - This is a summary of the Evangelical Alliance statement of faith that we adhere to)

We behave with - GRACE



Gracious:  We honour and respect everyone.

Real:  We are open, genuine and accountable.

Accepting:  We invite people to come as they are.

Caring:  We want the best for other people.

Embracing:  We value all age groups in our life and ministry together.

We engage in - WORSHIP 

Worship:  We see all of life as worship, serving and honouring God.

Outreach:  We introduce others to Jesus through speech, action and lifestyle.

Relationships:  We actively spend time getting to know and caring for each other.

Serving:  We use our gifts and abilities to help others.

Happily giving:  We give generously financially.

Imitating Jesus:  We are disciples of Jesus, his apprentices, and seek to follow his example.

Prayer:  We communicate with God in prayer: It is the ‘oxygen’ of our spiritual life.



Phil & Shirley Cole

               Phil - Church Leader                        Shirley - Schools Ministry

Andi & Nikki Norton

Andi - Associate Church Leader

Kathy & John Harris

Kathy - Elder / Children & Pastoral Leader

Caroline Davis

Pastoral Worker (Families) 

Naomi Goulding


Ted & Jackie Russell

Ted - Elder

Brian & Ann Rees

Brian - Elder

Graham & Elizabeth Nagel-Smith

Graham - Elder

Rich & Pauline Silverwood

Rich - Elder


The Early Years

Bransgore Community Church is an independent church that started in the winter of 1984/85 with a small group of evangelical Christians, who had been travelling to churches in the Christchurch/Bournemouth area. As this small group developed and outgrew the house where it was meeting, it began to meet in the chapel at Neacroft. In 1986 the NAAFI building in Shackleton Square, belonging to the Ministry of Defence, came up for auction and was purchased.

The first service took place on 14 June 1986. Our first extension, a few years later, added extra space where the band is now situated and a children's room at the back. In 2009-10 a second,  much larger, extension was built to enable us to cater for our growing congregation and to provide people in our community with a place to be welcomed and helped. 

Originally the church was called Bransgore Christian Centre. The name was changed in 2003 to Bransgore Community Church, in recognition of our desire both to be a community, and to serve the local community.



The church continues to grow and develop and in August 2012 the building had an overhaul of its internal structure, with the removal of a pillar and beams in the main hall and the inclusion of a new vaulted ceiling! We also developed our upstairs to include a games room, a prayer room and two children's rooms.  Our building complex now includes twelve ancillary rooms, three of which are staff offices, as well as the main hall, which can be divided by a movable wall.

In recent years, the building has become a hub of activity throughout the week, with around 700-800 people coming to activities within it. The latest change for the church came in the summer of 2015, as we moved to running two identical services on a Sunday morning, in order to keep growing.

We are affiliated with Evangelical Alliance (EA) and hold to their statement of faith. We are also a part of LEAF, which is the local branch of EA, that connects churches across the New Forest.

Building for the Future

Recent Years





Shackleton Square,



BH23 8AJ

Tel: 01425 674513


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