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In these present times with Covid 19 we know that for families and individuals we are all in different places. As such we are seeking the best ways to serve you in connecting with God and one another. As such, we provide the opportunity to watch online from your home, watch together with others in our church building or through the Live Stream.

Sunday Mornings

Watch On-site or Online

We are now meeting 'live' for our services at BCC every week at 10:30am.
If you wish to attend you will need to sign up (see link on Home Page)
We are asking for masks to be worn, social distancing and sanitizing of hands.
Coffee is now being served after the service

These are also Livestreamed.  You can watch with others online in a simulated live platform or watch on our YouTube Channel - the links are below
You can also choose to watch at your own convenient time via our YouTube Channel here: