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In these present times with Covid 19 we know that for families and individuals we are all in different places. As such we are seeking the best ways to serve you in connecting with God and one another. As such, we provide the opportunity to watch online from your home, watch together with others in our church building and through Live services which are also Live Streamed. 

Sunday Mornings

Watch Online

At the present time we are pre-recording our services which are broadcast every week 10:30am through the following Platforms for connecting online.
You can watch with others online in a simulated live platform where you can chat using the chat box, request live prayer with one of our team and connect for virtual coffee and chat with others via our CONNECT function.
You can also choose to watch at your own convenient time via our YouTube Channel here:

Watch Together

You can also watch with others at the church building on the 1st, 3rd and 4th Sunday of each month. Please note you must book your space either via the sign up email sent to the church or through contacting the church office.

afternoon services

Watch Live

Each Month on the 2nd Sunday at 4pm and the 4th Wednesday at 2pm we are holding a LIVE Service in the building which you can book your place to attend.
We are also LIVE STREAMING these services via our YouTube Channel.



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