We try to cater for everyone in the church, no matter what their stage of faith or the time they can commit.  There is no one-size-fits-all approach and we recognise that different people have different ways in which they connect and grow.  The most important thing to us is for everyone to be given an opportunity to grow in their faith, hope and love of Jesus.
We do this in multiple ways but two integral parts of our Church Family Discipleship is through Mid-week Life Groups in which we seek to encourage, edify, build up one another around God's Word and fellowship. 
We also believe in the power and incredible gift of prayer as a means to talk, know God, His heart for us, our community and world and seek to ask His Kingdom come and will be done, in our lives, community and world. 


John & Gabi Hilton




We are a sociable group who have a passion for God and a love for people.  We mostly meet in Highcliffe (when not by zoom).  We enjoy an array of activities including discussing the sermon, learning from courses, social  walks and skittles down the Pub.

We are an inclusive group with varying gifts and seek to create opportunities for the operation of these gifts and hearing what God would like us to be doing. We have a genuine care and respect for one another and an ongoing learning to be more like Jesus attitude. Welcome.

Keith & Babs Maslin




Love and fellowship are at the heart of our group. A love for Jesus and each other (oh yes, and for cake) and through the fun and fellowship we share together, each week, our desire is to know and grow closer to God. We often take it in turns to host our group, which is either in Neacroft or Bransgore (or at the moment on Zoom!). We use the previous Sunday’s sermon along with the notes to focus our thoughts and to provide us with a starting point for our discussion.

Jon & Michelle Mitchell




We are a friendly and talkative group with a focus on supporting one another through life's ups and downs and our Christian journeys.  When not locked down we usually meet in Ringwood and evenings include sharing what's going on in our lives (highs and lows), sung worship, prayer, bible study & discussion (sermon notes/videos/courses - it varies), good coffee, cake, lots of laughter, occasional tears and food - although not all of them every week!  Our aim is to grow together in our faith and support one another practically, spiritually and emotionally and over the years we have seen many answers to the prayers we have prayed for one another.

Andi & Nikki Norton



We are a Life Group for 17-30’s with a focus on discipleship.

The essence of the group is rooted in growing in love, honour and encouragement.

As a group we seek to help one another grow in our love for and knowledge of God.

We seek to create a space where we can ‘do life’ together, a space that is safe to be real with one another, challenge one another and grow together.

Our times together are centred around God’s word, sometimes watching videos and discussing the implications of God’s word to our lives as we seek to honour Him in our relationships, work, studies, thoughts and actions.

Phil & Shirley Cole




Our desire is to grow more Christ-like along with other people.  Jesus will be central in the group, with prayer being really important.

We would love to share our journey with likeminded people who want to grow in their faith in an open and friendly environment.

We will be using the notes from the Sunday’s sermon as a guide for the evening, but with flexibility.

Tim & Naomi Goulding




Our group is for those who would like to catch up with other Christians during the week, who are also trying to juggle, working, parenting and home schooling.  We will catch-up, read the bible, chat and pray together.

We will start at 8.15pm for a 15 minute chat

Bill & Louise King




Life is a battle for joy, hope, truth, direction, strength, trust and our faith.  We are called to stand strong but not alone. Supportive relationships with each other and with our loving Father are vital. We are also called to be a blessing: to each other and to those around us.

That’s where Life Groups fit in. Growing in friendship, trust, biblical understanding, prayer, confidence, and most importantly joy and love we believe that life groups are essential. At the moment this will happen remotely, but once out of lockdown, a central focus will be socializing with lots of nice food. We have a welcoming space to share new beginnings with those who would like to join us.

Kathy Harris & Caroline Davis




Our Life group aims to 'do what it says on the tin' - share more of Life together! We would meet to dig deeper into God's word and discuss how we apply it to our lives, using BCC discussion questions to help us. We'd also like to have times together to enjoy friendship & laughter. Overall we'd want to be a group that encourages & builds each other up in faith, is prayerful, supportive & caring as we grow in relationship with Jesus & with one another. We'd love you to join us & look forward to following where God leads us!

Richard & Fiona




A new group for 20's - 30's......

Mel Muir

We are a newly formed group of what some people might call ‘oldies’, although we prefer to be thought of as senior citizens.  We plan to meet weekly in one another’s homes, Covid permitting, with the Bible central to our time together.  There will be opportunity for discussion, prayer, sharing and fellowship, encouraging each other along the Christian way.  Refreshments will include tea, coffee, and (whisper it quietly) cake, if anyone is in the mood for baking.  And there could be a good deal of laughter too!  This is a re-formed group with Mel Muir taking over the leadership from Jan Harvey, who is taking a well-earned break.


As a community we believe in the power of prayer. As such, we seek to make prayer a priority and rhythm of our daily lives. Should you want to join us in this we have provided the following resources.

Daily Prayer Guides






Lent 2022 - Study materials

Lent Resources—Daily’s, weekly's & books
For all ages & families together
40 day of Lent are from Ash Wednesday 2nd March to Holy Saturday 16th April

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Within the church premises we have a designated prayer room, available for people to have space with God. In the space we have a number of creative activities to enable your prayer time. This is a 24/7 space. For more info or to book a slot in the prayer room contact admin@bcchurch.org.uk

Other resources

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